Introductory text

Welcome to the Central Valley Regional Data Center (CV RDC) Data Checker. The online data checker compares the data to be submitted against maintained lookup lists managed by the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN)

The CV RDC Data Checker will allow the submitting agency to check formats of the data to be submitted for comparability with CEDEN lookup lists. After loading a file to be checked, the system will provide a report through the web site and by email detailing the errors found. Files may be checked more than once to ensure errors have been corrected successfully.

Some errors will require the addition of new records to the CV RDC database lookup lists. The valid values contained in the current lookup lists are specific to current CEDEN values. Lookup list addition requests should be made through the trouble shooting page.

If your agency is not currently listed, please send a request to

Our Partners

The CV RDC currently works with the Region 5 Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP) to ensure that data collected through the ILRP maintains formats that will allow the data to be publicly accessible through the CEDEN website.

Region 5 ILRP has posted SWAMP comparable templates and other resources on their website, Irrigated Lands - Electronic Water Quality Monitoring Data Submission Resources (

Note: The online data checker is not a mechanism to formally submit data to the ILRP.

Formal data submission should occur directly to the ILRP per the requirements in an approved Monitoring and Reporting Program Plan. Data submitted to the ILRP containing multiple errors, excluding lookup list addition needs, will be returned to the submitting group for corrections.